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The Beginnings

Brigham and Ryan are the guys that were wearing socks and sandals before it was cool.


These two cousins have been laughing and performing together since they were young, sometimes producing more exasperation than amusement (ask anyone in the extended family), but they couldn't be closer if they were brothers. Despite being separated by two states and one year in age, their friendship has grown into something prized by both of them.

Composition had been a major part of both of their lives for years, but the seeds that eventually grew into TwoaChord were planted in the summer of 2020, when Ryan said to Brigham, "What if we became a band?"


It would remain an idea, until November, when they decided on a name and a goal: to provide inspirational experiences to listeners. And TwoaChord was born, the perfect place for Ryan and Brigham to write music while cracking jokes and hopefully helping people in the midst of it all.

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